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Celebrate with us...

Chanukah for the Record with 834 Menorahs alight at once!

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Learn with us...

From the youngest to the oldest, we host learning opportunities for all ages!

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Participate with us...

Whatever your passion, get involved and volunteer!

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Pray with us...

Our varied worship programming allows congregants to deepen their spirituality through insight and participation.

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Join us...

Come learn all The Jewish Center has to offer. We hope to see you soon!

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4/22/2016 - Erev Shabbat Message from Rabbi Feldman
On behalf of the lay and professional leadership of The Jewish Center, I wish you all a Happy Passover.  READ MORE

4/19/2016 - Erev Shabbat Message from Rabbi Feldman
As we prepare for our Seders next week, I wanted to share some material with you. These are all short essays from our new prayer book, Siddur Lev Shalem, related to the festival. READ MORE