When I asked people in this community to name what they appreciate most about TJC I heard the music. The relationships. The people. The history. The intellectualism. The learning. The community. The showing up for each other in time of joy and need. 
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As we prepare for Shabbat this week and reflect back on the events of this past week, there is so much for us to think about and so many feelings running through out hearts. First and foremost, we send our thoughts and prayers to the victims of the terrorist attacks in Brussels.
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There are so many lessons we can learn from the story of Purim that we will observe this coming week including the importance of Jewish pride, standing up against evil in our world and not depending on God to solve our major challenges.
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The news from Israel this week is so upsetting. Once again we read about more terrorist attacks of innocent Israelis in places like Jaffa and Tel Aviv and then just today in the Old City of Jerusalem.
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