As I thought about Yom HaAtzmaut this week and what I wanted to share with you about the 68th Birthday of the State of Israel, I read what others have written recently. I came across the following essay written by David Harris, the Chief Executive Officer of the AJC and I decided that I wanted to share his words with all of you. There is a lot in this essay to think about and to discuss including the great sense of pride he has including Israel’s accomplishments in so many important areas. I share his pride and his passion and I wanted to share his words with you.
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In honor of Mother’s Day tomorrow, I spent time this week exploring the relationships Biblical mothers have with their children. I reviewed many stories about these great women and reminded myself of many great qualities that these women shared including loyalty to their families, a strong desire to become a mother and a number of strong statements mothers made about their roll as the matriarch of the family. It was then that I discovered a fascinating reality.
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As I spoke to people in the congregation prior to Pesach, one similar topic arose often; what would Seder be like this year without a specific loved one who passed away since last Pesach. 
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