Special Message from Rabbi Feldman - 70th Anniversary of November 29th

Today is a very important day in Israeli and Jewish history. It was 70 years ago today that the United Nations voted to approve the formation a Jewish State. There are many events happening today to mark this anniversary including the recreation of the moment at the United Nations in New York.
We should pause for a moment today to recall the true meaning of this day. So soon after the worst events in Jewish history, the horrible events of the Shoah, when millions of Jews were murdered and there was no safe Jewish haven for people to go, after 2,000 years of living in exile, this was the next step in the Jewish return to a sovereign Jewish state. It was not a unanimous decision but it was a statement from the countries of the world to support a return to Zion. 
There were many steps that lead up to this critical moment and many more to follow including the next few months until Israel declared it's independence the following June. To help understand more of these events, I want to share the following video with you.
70th Anniversary of November 29
I have told the congregation in the past, that when Sara and I lived in Israel during my Rabbinical School studies and also this past April when our family spent Pesach in Jerusalem, we lived on a very special street. The name is Kaf Tet B'November (The 29th of November Street). It is the only street in Jerusalem that is named for a secular date. Every day that I walked on that street I thought about this important date in Israel history. I wonder what they are doing on that street today to commemorate the date. 
Happy Anniversary to Israel
Rabbi Adam Feldman
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