We soon will gather together as a community to usher in the High Holy Days, to listen to the sound of the shofar, and celebrate the start of another year.  
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The Jewish Center joins with Jews and pro-Israel supporters all over the world in mourning the passing of Shimon Peres z"l, the former Prime Minister and President of the State of Israel. 
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One of my favorite themes of the High Holidays is timing. By this I do not mean whether the holidays are early or late but rather the urgency to take care of things immediately. 
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As one who does not like to think of the High Holidays as early or late but rather right on time, even I have to admit this year that it is unusual to begin our High Holiday season in October. The calendar this year gives us an opportunity to spend more time in reflection and self-evaluation focusing on the important things in our lives.
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Now that we are past Labor Day and into a new school year, it is time for us to prepare for our New Year that will be with us in a few weeks. For centuries, the Rabbis have encouraged us to prepare for the High Holidays for the 30 days prior to Rosh Hashanah. 
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