Erev Shabbat Message from Rabbi Adam Feldman

Dear Friends,
This is the last Shabbat of the Jewish year and an important time to prepare for the upcoming holidays. I know that we all prepare in our own ways. Some of us focus on the meals we are hosting for our family and guests. Some of us focus on logistics, making sure that everything is where it is supposed to be and that everything is in order. And some of us focus more on the words we need to say, the prayers we need to lead or the presentations we need to make. Whatever it is, the holiday warrants preparation - getting things ready, getting ourselves ready - being grounded in the proper setting.
In my preparations for the holiday, I came across a set of Rosh Hashanah Centering Cards - created by Kenden Alfond. We all know of the custom of sending Rosh Hashanah cards to friends and family. These Rosh Hashanah Centering Cards are different because they are designed to be kept to ourselves. Each card has a phrase taken from the High Holiday liturgy and, by reading the cards and phrase on each card, we will hopefully connect to the theme and the value in our personal lives.
Before the holiday begins next week, I encourage everyone to read each card and allow it to help you prepare. Perhaps we should print the phrases on index cards and bring them with us into the service. We could find its origin in the Machzor and look at it periodically during the service to help us focus and stay grounded. Then if we want to bring them to lunch or dinner, they could spark some fascinating conversations about what truly matters in our lives and how the themes of the holidays can impact us in the future.
Below are the phrases - I leave it to you to make them into cards. After the holiday, I would love to hear from you which phrase spoke to you the most this year and which theme sparked the best discussion.
Shabbat Shalom - I look forward to seeing you soon in shul
Rabbi Adam Feldman
Rosh Hashanah Centering Cards
Created by Kenden Alfond
  • Let me proclaim the Mighty Holiness of this Day
  • The Book of Remembrance; my signature is in it
  • Repentance, Prayer and Charity
  • What I do this day can change my life
  • Perfection is not God's demand
  • My noblest dreams are not absurd
  • I need not solve life's every problem
  • I believe in the constancy of God's compassion
  • The life of every person is important
  • My actions contain my own reward
  • Here I stand painfully aware of my flaws
  • Each woman is responsible for her own teshuvah
  • Accept my prayer as though my voice never faltered
  • Free me from my own baggage that might get in the way
  • Transform my suffering into gladness
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Adam Feldman
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