The Executive Committee

President: Randy Brett     rpbrett@gmail.com
President Elect: Alexandra Bar-Cohen     alexandra.barcohen@gmail.com
Vice President of Finance: Dane Dickler     danedickler@gmail.com
Vice President of Education: Linda Meisel     lfmeisel@hotmail.com
Vice President of Religious Affairs: Polly Strauss     pollystrauss18@gmail.com
Vice President of Programming: Heidi Joseph     heidi78m@yahoo.com
Vice President of Membership & Administration: Naomi Richman-Neumann     naomirichman@comcast.net

Recording Secretary: Edye Kamenir     TJCRecSec@gmail.com or ekamenir@gmail.com
Immediate Past President: Linda Meisel     lfmeisel@hotmail.com

Trustees:                David Greenberg        dgreenebrg@aol.com
                                Bret Jacknow        bret15k@aol.com
                                Adam Scheer        adamscheer@gmail.com 
                                Robert Schwartz    rmschwartz@schwartzlawgroupllc.com
                                Nicole Soffin     nsoffin@gmail.com                

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the The Jewish Center consists of the seven officers (President, five Vice Presidents, Secretary), four Trustees, the Immediate Past President or the President-Elect, the chairpersons of standing committees, and representatives of Jewish Center Women and of the Men's Club. The Executive Committee comprises the officers, trustees and immediate past president.

The Board meets monthly. Standing committees include: Adult Education; Arts and Cultural Affairs; Finance; Fundraising; House; Human Resources; Israeli Affairs; Long Range Planning; Membership; Religious Affairs; Social Action ; School; and Youth and Family Activities.

Committee Chairs    

Adult Education                                                                               
Chair: Jonathan Katz     jonk1582@gmail.com
Chair: Moshe Margolin     momargolin@gmail.com
Arts and Culture                                                                              
Chair: Helaine Isaacs     hh.isaacs1@gmail.com
Chair: Lynn Ross     lplross@yahoo.com
Chair: Judy Kutin 
Chair: Rachelle Berkman
Chair: Josh McCoy                                                             
Chair: Martin Ettenberg
Jewish Center Women                                                                 
Chair: Lauren Neufeld
Co-Chair: Andrea Hoberman-Martinez     andreahoberman@gmail.com
Co-Chair: Bret Jacknow
Men's Club                                                                        
Co-Chair: Ed Simon     e1simon@aol.com
Co-Chair: Harlan Tenenbaum     tenenbaum@aol.com
Religious Affairs                                                                               
Co-Chair: Barbara Abramson
Co-Chair: Nancy Lewis
School, Youth & Family
Co-Chair: Gabrielle Cayton-Hodges     gabrielle.cayton@gmail.com
Co-Chair: Samantha Hirshberg

Social Action                                                                      
Co-Chair: Jenny Ludmer