The Jewish Center and the Princeton Period Project



A project is underway in Princeton to which the Princeton Jewish Center can make a significant contribution.  What follows is from its website:
It’s one of the best-kept secrets in our community and others: the need for feminine hygiene products (tampons and pads) for girls and women who don’t have easy, reliable, affordable access to them.
While most girls and women (and their family members) take this access for granted, not having these products can be limiting and embarrassing - and cause potential health risks. 
There's a simple way to fix this problem - please join with us.  
We have been asked to pick a month – January – and to be the organization in town to make that our month to donate to this project. It’s simple: just bring unopened packages of tampons or pads (any brand, any size, any style – all items within packages must be individually wrapped) to the Jewish Center through the end of January.  
A collection box will be in the lobby and we will deliver your donations to the Princeton Cornerstone Community Kitchen, the organization managing this project.
Help us help the Princeton Period Project deal with this problem – your donations are so very critical to the girls and women in town we will be helping.
Thank you for your willingness to contribute!
This project is sponsored by the following Jewish Center Committees:
Social Action Committee
Lew Gantwerk – Co-Chair
Abigail Rose – Co-Chair
Jewish Center Women
Debbi Gitterman – Chairperson
Mini Mitzvah Corps
Edye Kamenir – Co-Chair
Marci Meixler – Co-chair
Questions about this project should be addressed to Gil Gordon who is managing this for Princeton Cornerstone Community Kitchen.  Gil can be reached at: