In Advance of a Loss

Burial Plots 

Before or at the time of need, families may wish to make arrangements for burial plots.  When purchasing a burial plot, consider the following:

  • Is the plot conveniently located?

  • Are the grounds of the cemetery carefully maintained?
  • Is the environment a pleasant and peaceful one?
  • Is it in an area that is dedicated specifically for Jewish burial?

The Jewish Center owns plots in the Beth Israel Memorial Park in Woodbridge (US Highway 1, Woodbridge, NJ, (732) 634-2100) and in Washington Cemetery in Deans (104 Deans Rhode Hall Road, Deans, NJ, (732) 297-2336).  You can purchase these plots by contacting the Director of Administration at The Jewish Center, (609) 921-0100 ext. 205. 

Making Preparations in Advance 

Sometimes it becomes obvious that death is imminent.  Our clergy are available to speak with you at these times; they will help you make arrangements for the funeral ceremony, discuss the possibility of organ donation, and be of general assistance and support.  The members of the family (including the one who is dying) are encouraged to participate in these discussions.

Speaking with a funeral director prior to the time of death may be helpful.  The funeral director can explain the services provided and the associated costs.  Orland’s Ewing Memorial Chapel, (609) 883-1400, is an exclusively Jewish funeral home in our area, with facilities for taharah and shmirah.  (Note: italicized Hebrew terms are explained later in this guide.)  The Star of David Memorial Chapel in Princeton also conducts Jewish funerals.

What to Do at the Time of Death

Please call Rabbi Feldman at The Jewish Center, (609) 921-0100, ext.  203.  If it is not during normal business hours, call that number and follow the voicemail prompts for clergy emergencies.  In the event of a death or any other emergency, it is permissible to call on Shabbat or on a holiday.  Even if the funeral will not take place locally, our community wants to know of your loss and be supportive.  Our clergy can assist with the logistical details in and out of the Princeton area such as funeral preparation and shiva minyanim.  They are also available to provide emotional support.

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(Excerpted from "Saying Goodbye: A Guide to Dealing with the Passing of a Loved One" .)