Havurah Minyan

The Havurah Minyan has held member-led Shabbat morning services for more than 30 years.  We meet twice a month at 10:00 AM in the Adult Library, conclude at Noon, and then join the rest of the congregation for lunch.
On the second Shabbat of each month we have what we call a “traditional service,” in that it contains almost all the elements of the Shabbat morning prayers. In place of the haftorah and mussaf, we use the time to enjoy an extended Torah discussion that focuses on the week’s parsha (portion).  We also encourage one another to include traditional as well as creative elements in the service. One of our creative innovations is a “Moment” when a minyan member briefly shares a poem, reading, or piece of text and their thoughts about it.  This has given many of us who don’t know how to lead the davenning (prayers) a way to contribute to the service, as well as providing an easily accessible opportunity for newcomers to participate.
The fourth Shabbat of the month is our “study service,” a time when we take the opportunity to consider a range of material that is usually, but not always, related to one of the themes of the week’s Torah portion. Several minyan members take turns presenting a text and leading an in-depth discussion of it.  The atmosphere is casual as we sit around a large table and study together.  The basic elements of the liturgy are covered, as well, and breakfast is provided.
  • Why We Exist. We come together twice a month to create a lay-led Shabbat morning service. We take pleasure in new approaches to meaningful prayer and textual exploration. We believe that everyone who joins us will find that they have a unique and valuable contribution to make to our evolving community.
  • Where We Hope to Go. We will support each other’s ongoing learning to strengthen and expand the leadership of our evolving community. We will seek and create opportunities to engage with our fellow congregants and with the broader Jewish community. Our services will refresh, renew, and enlighten.
  • What Guides Us. We encourage and support the growth of The Jewish Center. We are committed to fostering an experience of collaboration and belonging arising from common interests and goals.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Havurah Minyan sometime soon. Questions? Contact Neil Litt (neillitt@outlook.com).