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Cantor Jeff Warschauer
TJC Newsletter Article for November/December 2019


More Ways to Connect with Your TJC Family in the New Year 

If you haven’t been on the high bima that we use in the Sanctuary on the High Holidays, you wouldn’t believe what a spectacular view it provides of the congregation! One year ago, my first year as your cantor, I gazed out on the crowd. I saw lots of friendly, welcoming faces, but because I was so new to the community, I hadn’t met most of the people out there in the congregation. 

By contrast, after a little over one year here with our wonderful TJC family, the faces were just as friendly, but now, by contrast, I had formed deep connections with so many of you. 

Here, one of my fantastic B’nai Mitzvah families. Over there, Kiddush lunch friends of all ages. And there, my fabulous Wednesday Night Singers, Religious School families and teachers, lay leaders, and my TJC staff partners. 

With each person, I felt a warm connection, forged through sharing good times and bad, happy and sad. 

In short, it was a year later, in an energetic, vibrant community family! 

On the heels of that experience, I would like to alert you to some exciting new and continuing ways to make and deepen connections here at TJC in the New Year: 

      1.   We’ll be starting a brand new Kids Choir for Religious School 4th and 5th graders, and we’ll be performing at special TJC events and at selected Friday night services. And this isn’t just for the singers – parents, family members, and friends are warmly invited to sit in on the rehearsals. 

     2.    I’ll be teaching a new mini-course entitled “How to Feel More Comfortable in the Synagogue and with the Prayerbook.” Are you new to synagogue life, and to the prayerbook?  Here’s an opportunity, in a friendly and supportive (and non-judgmental!) environment, to learn how to feel comfortable in services and with the prayers. Everyone is invited! 

     3.  Would you like to learn to read Torah and/or Haftarah, or learn to lead a part of the service? Mindy Langer and I are here to help in any and every way (actually, it’s one of our favorite parts of the job). 

     4.   And if you already know how to read or lead, we are ALWAYS looking for you to step up. Adults, teens… we need you! 

     5.  And of course, singing is one of the best ways to connect. Our Wednesday Night Singers (who magically transform into Friday Night and Holiday Singers) are always very happy to welcome new participants! 
Please contact me at, or (347) 623-4228.
Cantor Jeff Warschauer